Global Money Power (GMP), is truly and simply about something we can all relate to. Everybody has to eat, and the beautiful thing about free-will is that we all have the capability and the right to make sure this happens, not just for us, but for everyone. That’s what Global Money Power is all about, not only do we strive to keep passion in all that we do, but we are mindful that all of our decisions affect the people around us, on a small scale or at a larger one. We believe that this can be used for the most positive of causes; selflessness. Here at GMP, we all know what it’s like to struggle, but plight is a major part of our inspiration. Most goals start as an achievement that we could envision ourselves obtaining, but it’s up to us to act on our visions in a positive fashion, in order for our dreams to come to fruition. The words global, money, and power in the same sentence can be a bit unsettling, this we know. It almost sounds a bit as if our agenda is world domination, but in reality, our intentions are nothing of the sort. Although nothing can compare to the power of Faith, funds do make way for many positive opportunities. We intend to use our funds to obtain a higher level of accessibility, giving us the power to connect, to create opportunities, and to be of assistance to those in need on a global scale, hence Global Money Power.

We Can All EatTM

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